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Version: 2.0

Ratiochinator is a simple pocket calculator... using only chinese characters (Writing rules are provided).
Includes an instant converter (Both Arabic numerals / Chinese characters and Chinese characters / Arabic numerals).
Choice of characters : Traditional chinese or Simplified chinese, usual notation or financial notation.

Languages : English, French, Simplified chinese, Traditional chinese.
Only one multilingual version (Universal Binary)

New in version 2.0 :
Screenshots :

Plain calculator and paper tape :

Calculator with converter, help on key and current screen :

Characters menu :

Download in .zip compressed format :

System \ Language English / Français / 中文(简体) / 中文(繁體)
MacOS X PowerPC / Intel
about 3,5 Mo

This software is delivered with a "Read me" file (instructions and conditions of use). Please read it!
This program was made with REALbasic .

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