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Version: 3.2

CaraCaraC is a characters counter. It displays the statistics about the characters of any text.
CaraCaraC displays the total number of characters used in the text (including or not including punctuation marks and unprintable characters), the list of the different characters with, for each of them, the ranking, the number of occurrences, the frequency and cumulative frequency in percent.
The results can be saved as file or printed.
This application works with any kind of writing but is chiefly designed for asian writings : in particular, CaraCaraC is a useful chinese characters counter.

New in this version :

Version 3.2 :
Version 3.0 :
Screenshots :

Choose the form of the main window : Nano or Standard :

Use the new Punctuation window to edit the punctuation list :

The File menu :

Drag-and-drop from a Pages document :

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MacOS X PowerPC / Intel
about 4,4 Mo

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This program was made with REALbasic .

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