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Version: 1.0

1yi2er is an instant chinese numbers converter (*) :
Every number written with Arabic numerals is converted with Chinese characters and vice versa.

Writing rules included (How to write numbers with chinese characters).

Characters keyboard and numerals keyboard can be shown or hidden.

Choice of characters : Traditional chinese or Simplified chinese, usual notation or financial notation.

Only one multilingual version (Universal Binary) :
Languages : English, French, Simplified chinese, Traditional chinese.

(*) Yi is the alphabetical transcription (Pinyin) of the chinese character   一 (one), er is the alphabetical transcription of the chinese character   二 (two).

Screenshots :

Converter with the two keyboards :

Converter without any keyboard :

Characters menu :

Download in .zip compressed format :

System \ Language English / Français / 中文(简体) / 中文(繁體)
MacOS X PowerPC / Intel
about 3,4 Mo

This software is delivered with a "Read me" file (instructions and conditions of use). Please read it!
This program was made with REALbasic .

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